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Here you can see some of the press releases about Anita since  2021. Mainly from the Norwegian, German, Austrian and Swedish press.


BILD zeitung, Germany, Europe’s biggest newspaper. Visiting Roy’s grave❤️

«Freizeit Spass» magazine in Germany, 10th Nov 2021

«» in Germany. The biggest German Schlager Hits at the moment, and we are on the list!

«Mallorcamegacharts Top 100 in Mallorca, Spain in November 2021

ARD Mediathek, TV, Germany. 20th November 2021
Performing in the popular TV-Show «Schlager-Spass mit Andy Borg. Für die Herzensache» in duet with Andy and alone.

«» in Austria. In the hit charts with my new singel together with Kay Dörfel.

«RHA, Røyken og Hurums Avis» local newspaper, 25 th November 2021.
Talking about my forthcoming art exhibition at «Schulerudstuene» Art Gallery.

BILD zeitung in Germany, 15th Dec 2021. Europe’s biggest newspaper!
Great feature both in the newspaper and on their website. Together with my beautiful daughter Greta and gorgeous grandchild Emmeline(7)❤️

In the popular «Freizeit Revue» in Germany, Europe’s second largest weekly magazine for women, and the largest in Germany together with my daughter Greta and grandchild Emmeline❤️🎶 15th Dec 2021. Madonna and Anita😄

«Freizeit Spass» magazine in Germany, 15th Dec 2021. With my dear mum, sister Renate, Greta and Emmeline❤️


In the popular web magazine «» at the MDR TV-station in Germany on Anita’s 61st birthday on the 3rd March 2022.

In Telemarksavisa TA, 13 March 2022

In the newspaper "Frolendingen", 16/3-2022

In the weekly magazine "7 Tage" in Germany, 16 April 2022

The weekly magazine "Vi Over 60" in the May 2022 edition.

In the weekly magazine "Meine Stars von Damals" in the May/June 2022 edition in Germany.

Press review on 17 June 2022 in Germany at
"The highlight of this record is the duet with Anita Hegerland"

In the web magazine "Heavy", on 28 July 2022

In the web magazine "" on 12 August 2022

There was a great article about me in the Swedish Västgötabladet on 22 August.

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