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Printing Machine

Giclèe Prints

High quality paper

The pictures are printed on William Turner 310g quality FineArt art paper, numbered and signed. Some of the prints are available as hand-colored, each will be unique - one of a kind.

From painting to art print

Digitalization & reconciliation

The original is photographed by a professional photographer at Giclèe LAB. Colors and other details are studied and matched.


The prints are quality checked during printing. Paper from Hahnemühle, the most renowned manufacturer of art paper and canvas for digital printing, is used. The paper is acid-free and aging-resistant

Signing & 


I, Anita, sign and number the artwork before I wrap it up for sending to you.

Giclèe LAB

Thank you!

GiclèeLAB carries out the entire process from digitization to printing. Everything from photo to printer is calibrated for the best possible reproduction. I work closely with them during the process.

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