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The Journey

The Journey

PriceFrom kr 4 800,00

About "The Journey" - A journey can be both physical and within. This painting is about developing the human understanding, to better understand our own challenges, possibilities, goals and fears in life. How important it is to follow your own intuition and to build up a trust in that. In the lake, the water is still and deep. Symbolizing mysteriousness and unpredictablity, like life itself. But also a symbol of purification. The purifying of our minds happens in parts, as we learn to habitually set our minds in certain directions. As we turn our mind’s eye from the worthless to the beautiful, from the defiled to the pure, from false to true. Have grace for yourself and others. Learn to fly and use all your talents and don’t be afraid to say yes to new possibilities. Inspire yourself and others.


- Love from Anita


Shipping and 5% art tax are not included in the price. 

  • ✓ Limited Edition

    My original paintings available as limited edition Giclée Prints. There are only 60-75 copies available of each painting.In each size there is only one hand-colored print available, each will be unique - one of a kind

  • ✓ Giclée Print

    The paintings will be printed on William Turner 310g quality FineArt art paper, numbered and signed by me, Anita Hegerland.

  • ✓ Shipping

    Shipping is 7 days - 3 weeks, depending on the art process. Please contact me if you need express delivery, and we can see what we can do.

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